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Top 10 Servers, Storage & Networking Products 2015

Top 10 Servers, Storage & Networking Products 2015



While the Cisco Catalyst 3850 may seem like another 24 & 48 port gigabit Ethernet enterprise access layer switch like the last one Cisco made, it’s not.   The new and improved technology sets it apart from the other switches and catapults it to Curvature’s Top 10 list for hottest selling products for 2015.  It boasts the improved 480Gbps Cisco StackWise and Cisco Stack power technologies to allow for greater resiliency and scalability, enhanced master to secondary switch failover speed, and options for flexible  1Gb and 10Gb modules.  For example, the Catalyst 3850 48 port switch can support up to four 10Gb uplinks over the 3750X—which only supports two. Finally, they also offer an enhanced packet buffer as well as NetFlow support.



The ASR1000 Series router was Cisco’s upgrade path from their Cisco7200VXR series. It’s been a long road for the ASR as it hasn’t grabbed the market in the last few years like the other Cisco products they have developed.  However, due to the increase demands on the enterprise we think this is the year for the ASR.  The Cisco ASR offers a solid scaleable backplane supporting line rate 1Gb and 10Gb interfaces.  Their route processors unlike the 7200 series platform offer max DRAM for full support of multiple BGP tables and IPv6.  Lastly, there are options for hardware and software redundancy for maximum stability.



Space and power efficiency was the name of game in 2014, and it will continue to be in 2015. The 4500-X series offers high density line rate 10Gb support in a compact 1RU form factor.  The 4500-X can cost-effectively support up to 40 1G/10G ports as well as meet modern data center air flow requirements with options for port side intake or port side exhaust.  Further, you can stack the 4500-X in VSS mode to manage up to 80 10Gb interfaces with a single point of management.  This switch family will simply deliver cutting-edge scalability for campus and data center environments.



As increased enterprise and datacenter security concerns mount with the ever-evolving trends in mobility and cloud comes a large need for better security. In 2014, Cisco acquired Sourcefire for its FirePOWER technology to proactively evaluate threats with application visibility control (AVC), intrusion prevention system (IPS), and advanced malware protection (AMP).  With this technology incorporated in their Cisco ASA platform, we are betting on it to become one of the hottest products of 2015.



Network Engineers increasingly want flexibility and scalability without a commitment.  The Nexus 2000 fabric extenders offer the ability to add ports seamlessly into an existing network in a cost effective way.  They can deliver 100MB, and 1/10/40 Gigabit Ethernet Server connectivity with 10/40 GE Uplinks—all the while through a single point of management.  No need to worry about a large chassis infrastructure.  Invest in a ToR switch like a Nexus 5k and scale ports later as needed.



The Cisco 10-Gigabit Ethernet Transceiver module (SFP+) was one of Curvature’s hottest selling products of 2014. With no replacement in site, and new supporting  SFP+ products coming to the market such as the Cisco Catalyst 3850 and Catalyst 6500 / 6800 high density 10GbE cards, Curvature expects the trend to continue.



Knowing that Cisco is the primary owner of the routing and switching market, Curvature sees that the Cisco UCS will shadow that trend in 2015 for its seamless ability to be compatible with the customer’s existing infrastructure.   Further, memory intensive workloads need memory packed equipment to support the ever-growing datacenter application requirements.  The UCS blade server series is a perfect match for enterprises looking to deploy large databases and do any type of business intelligence and analytics.  Lastly, it’s easy to build and configure, and it’s flexible and multi-functional, offering increased capacity for virtualization and large data tasks.



Curvature expects HP BL460c Gen 8 servers to continue to soar and be on the Top 10 hottest selling products of 2015.  Here’s why: it has great performance and enhanced flexibility with an increase in memory DIMM count over its Gen 7 predecessor and E5-2600 V2 processor.  Additionally, the current generation, Gen 9, does not have many advantage to the Gen 8.  Our expectation is customers will continue to purchase Gen 8 BL460c’s to support their ever-growing infrastructure.



A space efficient, two socket, memory packed, power efficient server all at 1 RU makes it an ideal selection for our top 10 hottest products of 2015.  The R620 gives superior performance over the previous generation R610 with its E5-2600 compared to the 5600 with 2 additional cores and up to 8MB more cache.  Additionally, you have six additional DIMM slots, and up to 32GB DIMMS which increase the capacity to 768GB to support cutting-edge applications.



A storage device that’s easy to use, install and manage with best of breed performance, Curvature selected the PS6XXX SERIES to make our top 10 hottest products of 2015.  It’s a scalable iSCSCI SAN with reliable performance for the enterprise with 1GbE and 10GbE SFP+ options, as well as  144TB in 2 to 4RU giving customers’ flexibility and reliability for all their storage needs—with no downtime and disruption of applications.

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