Network Hardware Resale Ramps up Presence in Asia-Pacific
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Network Hardware Resale (NHR), Pioneer in Independent Channel Development for Networking Equipment, Ramps up Presence in Asia-Pacific

NHR Details Aggressive Strategy to Provide Viable Options for Businesses Seeking to Optimize Network Spend Across Asia-Pacific

Singapore, September 08, 2011: Network Hardware Resale (NHR), the leading provider of pre-owned and new networking solutions today outlined an aggressive strategy to build its presence across Asia-Pacific. The company aims to provide businesses throughout Asia-Pacific with greater choice and smart networking alternatives that can offer cost savings of 50-90% off of OEM list prices, 24x7x365 support of networking equipment, guaranteed next business day hardware replacement and stringent quality standards with a proven less than 0.5% failure rate.

Leading industry analyst firm IDC forecasts the 2011 worldwide enterprise networking market at over US$38billion . Given the economic uncertainty, rapid influx of technologies and rising infrastructure costs, businesses need to reconsider their purchase options that are reliable and can help create a balance of technology and cost.

Speaking at an NHR event today in Singapore, Matt Healey, Program Director, IDC further outlined the increasing dollar parity with Asian markets, inherent issues around product availability and service timelines alongside forced network migration that have contributed to the exponential cost burden of this industry.

“Businesses need to be able to distinguish between business critical networking functions, optimizing dollar spend and increasing life of a network as three key areas that can help optimize networks and maximize return on investment in these challenging times,” said Healey. “Adding an alternative procurement channel to augment the regular OEM channel just makes good business sense”, he added. NHR, through its seven global offices, provides businesses with a unique advantage to help build customized networks with a host of products to choose from. This comes alongside the expertise to help businesses define and distinguish between business critical and non-critical networks and a unique advantage of helping increase the value of dollar spent by increasing the life of a network. “Over the past year, demand for NHR’s hardware and maintenance services has grown significantly as organizations around the world strive to maximize the value of their technology investments,” said Mike Sheldon, president and CEO of Network Hardware Resale. “In Asia-Pacific we have helped customers save well over US$62 million since we started our business in the region in 2007. We’ve seen phenomenal growth at more than 300% since then and continue to expand in this market.”

NHR offers unmatched service standards through:

  • Product Support: Freedom to choose from the world’s largest inventory worth US$200 million of pre-owned products from Cisco, Juniper, Foundry, Extreme amongst others. Guaranteed next-business-day- hardware replacement anywhere in the world with 24x7x365 personalized tech support.
  • Service Support: NetSure TM maintenance program offers 24x7x365 global support, comprehensive network coverage, real-time monitoring and guaranteed network hardware replacement to manage networks.
  • Unmatched Quality: NHR is an ISO 9001:2008 and TL 9000 certified network equipment provider. NHR has half a million hours of customer network equipment testing and technical support of legacy networks. This has resulted in better-than-OEM reliability on equipment NHR sells, including an average 0.5% failure on field-tested pre-owned equipment.
  • Consulting: Every NHR customer has the benefit of vendor-neutral network and consulting expertise that draws on the experience of tens of thousands of customer user cases. Unmatched visibility into the pricing and availability of networking hardware equipment globally offers superior knowledge of the point in time intrinsic value of networking equipment.
  • NHR Heritage and Global Reach: Over 25 years experience and the world’s best team of networking experts and largest inventory. NHR has more than 320 trained network experts that speak 35 global languages and rapidly expanding to meet growing demands of customers worldwide. “As our hub for Asia-Pacific, Singapore has provided NHR with the opportunity to work in an environment that is competitive, diverse and more importantly connected in a manner that helps us maintain our stringent quality and service standards. Our APAC hub office is designed to provide rapid response to companies seeking high-quality, fully tested, pre-owned network equipment upgrades, replacements and spares,” added Jason Ogden, Regional Director, NHR Asia-Pacific.

1 Source: Worldwide Enterprise Networking 2011 Top 10 Predictions, IDC 2010

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Network Hardware Resale (NHR) is a leading provider of networking solutions that specialize in reducing IT costs. Based in Santa Barbara, Calif., the company is an independent reseller of pre-owned Cisco, Foundry and Juniper networking equipment as well as an authorized reseller of resilient, scalable equipment from Dell Networking. NHR also offers cost-effective network management, asset management, alternative maintenance and technical support services. Founded in 1986, NHR provides global sales and technical support from its Santa Barbara, Dallas metro, New York City metro, Amsterdam, London and Singapore locations. Organizations worldwide purchase quality networking equipment from NHR, including Global 1000 companies, small and mid-sized enterprises, government entities, educational institutions, healthcare organizations and telecommunications service providers. For more information, visit

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