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Cisco Optics vs. Curvature Optics: Myth and Reality

Cisco Optics vs. Curvature Optics: Myth and Reality

There is no difference between a Cisco Optic and a Curvature Optic (sometimes referred to as Third Party Optic) unless you’re comparing the price or the warranty. Did you know that Curvature Brand Optics are identical to the ones you buy from Cisco and we guarantee...

Curvature Brand Optics

Curvature offers carrier-class compatible 100MB, 1GB, 10GB, 40GB, and 100GB optical transceivers that meet industry specifications and requirements, and display superior performance across a broad array of vendors and platforms. Our full selection of optics include...

Your Guide to 40GbE and 100GbE Optics

When the IEEE introduced the 802.3ba Ethernet standard in June 2010, this was in response to the increasing bandwidth demands facing data centers, paving the way for the introduction of 40Gb/s and 100Gb/s Ethernet operations. Just a few years later, users of this...

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