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Pre-Owned Buyer's Guide – How to buy Used Cisco, Juniper, Extreme Network Products

A Guide to Buying Pre-owned and Used Cisco, Redback, Juniper and Extreme Network Products

Organizations worldwide, including the Global 1000, small and medium enterprises, service providers and government entities, turn to the secondary network equipment market for high-quality pre-owned, used and refurbished Cisco, Juniper, Extreme and Foundry. In addition to savings, product availability and responsive service attract forward-thinking IT departments to the secondary market.

Over the past 20 years, the secondary market for IT equipment has grown from a few home-based businesses to a multi-billion dollar industry with sophisticated providers offering a full range of products and services. As is true in any industry, used network equipment providers offer varying levels of quality and service. In this section you’ll find tips for navigating the secondary market and ensuring that your experience includes all the advantages the industry has to offer.

A New Look at Used Networking Equipment

Pre-owned and refurbished networking gear offers savvy companies outstanding deals. Learn how to navigate the secondary market to maximize your investment.

6 Common Secondary Market Myths

Myths and misconceptions surround the secondary market, perpetuated by manufacturers who admit used resellers are top competitors. We’ll debunk six common myths about used network equipment.

What the Experts are Saying

This isn’t your father’s secondary market. Read what industry analysts and authors are saying about used network equipment today.

Compare Curvature/Experts

As you research network equipment providers, compare others to Curvature.

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