Gartner ITAM 2016 Speaking Session With Mike Sheldon - Curvature


Gartner ITAM 2016 Speaking Session With Mike Sheldon

For the second year in a row, Curvature attended Gartner ITAM 2016 and had one of the highest attended speaker sessions at the conference. Curvature CEO, Mike Sheldon outlined in detail, how to stay on budget and innovate across your network and data center. At a time of competing IT priorities, companies need to be nimble, efficient and smart with their spend. Putting your budget toward technology updates that give you a significant increase in performance while maintaining products that are doing exactly what you need them to do is a strategy that can work for you and your bottom line.

Watch the video below and see why IT Finance and Procurement professionals at Gartner loved hearing how Curvature can help companies do more with less.

Your IT Infrastructure: How to Stay on Budget and Innovate Why lock yourself into vendor upgrade timelines? Why not adopt a strategy specifically for your underlying hardware and maintenance? Learn a new strategy where you can lengthen the lifecycle of your existing hardware, continue to purchase best of breed equipment and maintain your current and previous generation hardware. Walk away understanding what your company’s Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) could equal after 10 years executing this path to cost optimization while compromising zero on quality.

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