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NetSure: Hardware Maintenance From Curvature

NetSure: The Smart Alternative to Cisco SMARTnet on Your Networking Gear

Third-Party IT Maintenance and Network Hardware Support Gartner recommends keeping networking equipment longer than OEM timelines. – Gartner 79% of organizations refresh their wired networking infrastructure every 5 years because the OEMs tell them to. – Forrester Consulting 85% of organizations discard legacy networking equipment because their current vendors no longer support it. – Forrester Consulting Curvature provides third-party maintenance on networking and data center equipment with our industry-leading NetSure® maintenance offering, designed to meet your budget and performance requirements without sacrificing quality or reliability. Save as much as 50%-90% on network hardware maintenance and support. All of your network hardware equipment can be covered, including routers, switches, servers, optics and storage.

Don’t want to be locked into a SMARTnet® or other OEM contract? Our independent maintenance and support alternative to OEM maintenance provides flexible, full coverage that is customized for your networking needs. All NetSure options include complete network hardware maintenance and support, including advanced hardware replacement, 24/7 technical support by certified network technicians, and access to the NetSure Portal.

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