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IT Refresh

Your choice. Extend the life of your IT assets or recoup some of your investment by reselling those assets back to us through our global IT Asset Disposition services.

Organizations periodically need an equipment refresh. Managing the life cycle of your IT Hardware assets is more than just replacing old Hardware with new. It’s really about predicting the end of your Hardware’s useful life span or the redistribution of still viable equipment to either new or existing locations within your environment.

This Lifecycle Management is accomplished via Physical Relocation or Removal/Disposal of those assets in a manner which provides the highest level of data security and potential ROI.

Curvature provides these services through our Physical Data Center Relocation and IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) offerings.

Physical Relocation

From small server moves, to moving thousands of data center assets globally, Curvature has been relocating data center hardware for over 20 years. Our team of relocation experts are experienced with the nuances of physically moving data center assets and know the risks to avoid.

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IT Asset Disposition

Our comprehensive ITAD service includes all computing devices from large mainframes and storage arrays to end-user devices like phones and PDAs.

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