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7 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Overlook Third-Party Storage Maintenance for Dell EMC VMAX3

The IT industry continues to grow and change at a rapid pace with an emphasis on cloud computing and data consumption. OEMs like Dell EMC continue to innovate and create products to address critical storage needs that align with budgets. For example, the enterprise Dell EMC VMAX3 platform allowed organizations to simplify cloud consumption with great reliability.

However, OEM Support contracts are expensive and continue to increase after the initial warranties. IT Leaders have an opportunity to lower storage acquisition and total ownership costs for the Dell EMC VMAX3 family (VMAX 100K/200K/400K). Dell EMC VMAX3 array users now have enterprise storage maintenance and support alternatives.

Here are 7 reasons to consider a third-party alternative for Dell EMC Storage Maintenance for VMAX3 arrays:

1. Reduced storage maintenance costs on Dell EMC VMAX3.

VMAX3 storage maintenance including hardware and software support services after the warranty period adds up. According to Gartner’s most recent Market Guide for Data Center and Network Third-Party Hardware Maintenance, “TPM contracts can offer customers 50% to 70% savings off OEM support net prices.”

2. Increased Uptime with remote monitoring and maintenance tools.

Third-party storage providers should have the monitoring software that continuously checks machine logs for reported errors, as well as the maintenance software that allows a Level 3 Central Engineer to guide onsite Field Engineers through scripted routines for the replacement of defective components on live systems.

Transition to Third-Party Maintenance (TPM) without sacrificing access to high definition remote support audits, encryption routines that protect all data transmissions, legislative compliance, or key priorities of your IT staff.

3. Rapid response and routing.

Always get a call response within 30 minutes from an incident and free yourself from the scripted responses that prolong outages. Ensure you get the highly skilled VMAX support specialists you need right away for the Global TPM provider.

4. Onsite Delivery.

Having a skilled engineer onsite quickly for maintenance support of Dell EMC VMAX3 to ensure timely resolution is important. A leading TPM service provider like Curvature provides global coverage with over 600+ service locations across 6 continents and have an average time to resolution of under four hours.

5. Extend the life of your Dell EMC VMAX3 hardware.

You can optimize investments by extending the lifespan of your hardware and postpone technology refreshes well beyond EMC EOPS (End of primary support) date. Look to see if third-party providers can stock Dell EMC VMAX3 parts near your data center.

6. Critical Situation Incident Management.

The right support team is important and during critical situations, ensure your TPM has service delivery managers and executive management involved to provide expedient resolution for your enterprise.

7. Gain flexibility and consolidation on VMAX3 and other storage maintenance.

Businesses have varied needs so a TPM needs to provide flexibility and fully customizable service levels to meet your enterprise requirements. The storage maintenance partner for your VMAX3 family should support other Dell EMC products as well as other OEM products – all under a single contract. Put simply – one number to call for your IT Infrastructure support including storage maintenance.

Now is a great time to consider third-party storage maintenance for the Dell EMC VMAX3 family. Not only can you get a valued service but also reduce your total cost of ownership.

Let’s chat about your storage maintenance.

Gartner, Market Guide for Data Center and Network Third-Party Hardware Maintenance; Rob Schafer, Christine Tenneson, Mike Toussaint, Daniel Bowers; 29 August 2019

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