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Blurred Lines: The Future Roles of IT & Marketing

In a recent Harvard Business Review spotlight article, The Rise of the Chief Marketing Technologist, the issue was raised once again about the increasingly blurred lines between technology and marketing goals within organizations. As big data and the internet of things become more prevalent in the work space, the ability to drive initiatives and understand consumer behavior through technology becomes more necessary. Marketers must understand customer buying patterns, personas, and habits in order to gain a competitive advantage. However, the gate-keeper to this information usually falls under the IT department. What companies have begun to do is create supporting roles within organizations to straddle both.  Gartner recently predicted that by 2017, a company’s Chief Marketing Officer would be spending more on technology than the CIO. The claim, which has made waves through many organizations, means that IT departments will become more integrated into the marketing department from every level-Executive to Assistant.

So what does that mean for your organization? Don’t worry, Sys Admins won’t be writing press releases, but they may be behind the marketing automation that delivers them to the right journalist or customer. It also means that increased dialogue between IT and Marketing departments is more crucial than ever. The information and data that technology brings to the table should inspire the initiatives set forth by marketing. Gartner further sites that companies who have made this leap already have successfully bridged the gap and are generally ahead of their peers in marketing maturity. It comes as no surprise that these companies also spend more of their marketing budget on technology-related campaigns as well.


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