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Cisco Catalyst 9000 Switches on Your Wish List

IT leaders looking to design, build, and maintain their company’s network IT infrastructure must balance several factors when considering projects and priorities, including:

  • Efficiency
  • Scalability
  • Security
  • Management
  • Hybrid Work Environments
  • Sustainability and Environmental Concerns

In the network IT industry, each new generation of equipment offers solutions and advantages in each of the above categories.

If your company is considering investing in enterprise network IT equipment in 2024, odds are you’ve considered the Catalyst 9000 series – Cisco’s current flagship campus switch product line.

Cisco Catalyst 9000 series (“Cat9K”) switches offer a range of performance features that continue Cisco’s legacy of 20+ years as the gold standard in the enterprise networking industry. And as they are still relatively early in their lifespan, they will continue to be “current” products for many years to come. The Cat9K series from Cisco is the ultimate switch option for any-sized business.

Cisco Catalyst Switch Family

Benefits of Catalyst 9000 Series Switches


Cisco Cat9K series switches are designed for high performance and scalability to handle the demands of today’s enterprise networks. Cat9K switches offer users cutting-edge features and innovative solutions in areas such as:

  • Access Ports: Gigabit, Multigigabit, 10G, 25G
  • Uplink Ports: 1G/10G/25G/40G/100G Fiber ports or Multigig Copper ports
  • Up to 1Tbps Stacking Throughput
  • Enterprise-level software features (Network Essentials/Advantage)
  • Data Traffic Efficiency
  • Support for Open APIs
  • IBN – Intent-Based Networking
  • Power over Ethernet (PoE) standards up to IEEE 802.3bt – 90W
  • PoE and Multigigabit standards to support the latest Wi-Fi technology


Cisco Cat9K switches can be managed on-premise, virtually, or from the cloud. They offer up to 1TB of stacking bandwidth with StackWise-1T, making them the industry’s highest-density stacking bandwidth solution with the most flexible uplink architecture. Cat9K switches also have flexible and dense uplink offerings with 100G, 40G, 25G, Multigigabit, 10G, and 1G modular uplinks. Finally, mixed stacking with backward compatibility ensures seamless integration of Catalyst 9300X switches with Catalyst 9300; this allows for compatibility in stacking configurations, including 25G Fiber, 10G Fiber, and Multigigabit UPoE switches.


Cat9K switches are innovative, current-generation products that combine cutting-edge software and hardware technologies ensuring the security of your IT network and its ability to adapt to evolving threats. The switches support microsegmentation, which allows you to create logical security zones on your network to isolate devices and applications. This can help to prevent malware from spreading and protect sensitive data. Other features include:

  • VXLAN: tunneling protocol
  • MACsec: Layer 2 encryption protocol
  • Secure Boot: only authorized firmware can be loaded onto the switches
  • Zero-Touch Provisioning: enables configuration and network set up with minimal manual intervention

Wired-Wireless Hybrid Support

The modern campus data network often merges a traditional network layout with innovations in network architecture. Over the past 5-10 years, wireless has become increasingly common and a critical function of campus networks. Cat9K switches offer features geared towards hybrid wired-wireless network environments, including multi-gigabit PoE ports and wireless traffic data monitoring and management options that contribute to the improvement of wireless performance.


Cat9K switches feature Cisco’s innovative EnergyWise and StackWise technology, designed to use energy more efficiently during operation. This helps align with, and contribute to, the realization of corporate sustainability objectives.

Why Cat9K from Curvature?

You may already have the Cat9K series in your network, or you may be looking to upgrade from legacy generations. However, unless you’ve aligned with Curvature, chances are you’re not fully capitalizing on potential savings and missing out on Curvature’s valuable insights into this powerful yet complex product line. Let Curvature help you save money while unlocking the full potential of the Catalyst 9000 in your network today!

Our Network Design Team

Curvature has a dedicated team of Sales Specialists and Solutions Engineers who bring decades of combined experience to each project. We are experts at matching your needs and budget with the best network solution available, and we love helping our clients save money and stay on budget while investing in innovation. So whether you need to upgrade a single switch or have questions regarding a complex network refresh, Curvature is here to support you with our industry-leading ideas and solutions.

Industry-Leading Global Inventory

Curvature actively stocks Cat9K series switches in all three of our global operations centersUnited States, Amsterdam, and Singapore. Curvature’s experienced supply chain team, with decades of experience sourcing quality surplus network IT equipment, ensures that Curvature has the quality equipment you need, tested and ready whenever (and wherever) you need it.

Industry-leading Catalyst 9000 solutions by the best design and supply chain solution provider in the business — that’s the Curvature Difference!

Still The Perfect Storm in 2024?

In our recent blog post, The Perfect Storm, we discussed why now is the best time in years to invest in your company’s network IT infrastructure. As we enter 2024, market conditions continue to favor buyers. Combine record high IT equipment supply levels with waning global demand amidst continued economic uncertainty, and customers who are ready to invest in their IT infrastructure can take advantage of these unique and favorable conditions. Thus, as we enter 2024, many companies have new plans, new projects, and new budgets.

If you are considering new IT projects in 2024, whether that be upgrades of existing infrastructure or other new hardware initiatives, Curvature stands as the optimal partner to assist your company in taking advantage of current market opportunities and investing in its critical IT infrastructure.

Contact us today and let’s strategize a solution that fits your network!

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