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Extend the Life of your Dell EMC VNX Series

Dell EMC has shifted focus away from the VNX Series to Unity for midrange storage. After being introduced in 2011, the Dell EMC VNX 5100 and 5300 become End of Service Life (EoSL) on December 31, 2020. Dell EMC also ended support last year for VNX 5500, 5700, and 7500. Notwithstanding these announcements, organizations have made substantial investments in VNX storage platforms and will continue to extent their asset life for years to come.

Data Center managers can rely on third-party storage maintenance for your VNX storage platforms even after Dell EMC ends support. By trusting the world’s largest independent third-party IT maintenance company, Curvature, you will experience many benefits while keeping your VNX Series storage up and running.

Extend the Life of your assets

Third-party storage maintenance allows you to continue to use existing hardware and receive maintenance support. Customers find they eliminate common OEM related pain points, improve availability, and become more efficient working with a single provider for multi-vendor asset support.

Save 50%-70% compared to previous OEM support prices

Third-party storage maintenance contracts will give you greater control of operating costs and allow you to avoid costly capital expenditures. In 2019, Gartner released a Market Guide for Data Center and Third-Party Hardware Maintenance, concluding “TPM contracts can offer customers 50% to 70% savings off OEM support net prices.” In addition to the ‘EoSL’ Dell EMC VNX products, now is also a great time to move the newer VNX2 Series products to a third-party data center maintenance provider to accelerate savings before End of Life dates.

Access to Dell EMC VNX Series spare parts locally

Wholly-owned spare parts for the Dell EMC VNX series are available at over 100 staffed service locations worldwide and hundreds of other stocking locations, and can even be stored onsite at your location. Spare parts are all original parts with models and firmware. Curvature will support your storage products as long as spare parts are available.

Improve Response Times, Routing and Delivery for Dell EMC VNX Series

The initial call response time is fast and within 30 minutes. By moving to a TPM provider, you’ll break free from the slow, scripted responses you had with the OEM and experience a rapid response that engages the appropriate support team to resolve your incident. When needed, field engineers are typically onsite within 2 hours.

Gain Flexibility when it comes to supporting your Dell EMC VNX Series storage

Support models are flexible for Dell EMC VNX storage, as each environment is unique. Customized service levels allow you to mix and match service based on your needs and requirements. Additionally, you will have one number to call for support due to being vendor agnostic and handling environments with multiple OEM products.

Have an engaged partner in Critical Situation Incident Management

During a critical situation, your business will have immediate support from both field and support engineers. Additionally, executive management and a service delivery manager will be involved to ensure a quick resolution with urgency regardless of cause.

Get proactive alerts

Proprietary call-home monitoring tools provide automated and proactive alerts and error analysis that ends in the dispatch of needed field engineers. The proactive alerts result in efficient troubleshooting and faster problem resolution for Dell EMC VNX series storage.

2020 has been a year when many IT organizations have had to identify new ways of running their business while finding cost savings. Moving to a TPM provider for your Dell EMC VNX Series storage as it goes ‘EoSL’ is a great way to extend the life of existing assets while saving on support cost.

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Gartner, Market Guide for Data Center and Network Third-Party Hardware Maintenance; Rob Schafer, Christine Tenneson, Mike Toussaint, Daniel Bowers; 29 August 2019

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