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New Ask The Expert Video: Broadcom Acquisition of VMware Overview Pt. 2
Click here to watch our second discussion on the new VMware by Broadcom landscape.


Innovation Starts with People

Innovation springs from collaboration and shared ideas. This collaboration—the concept-designing, highly creative effort of a collective group—is especially crucial in the tech industry. When skillfully done, the formation of a dynamic workforce is unstoppable.

Investing in human capital is what drives innovation, and this is something we’ve been experiencing firsthand. Curvature continues to invest in human capital through increased hiring—just in this year, we’ve increased our global workforce by 13%.

A recent report by Deloitte Consulting, LLC explains that “some of the biggest opportunities for companies to improve growth, innovation, and performance center squarely on how business leaders reimagine, reinvent, and reinvigorate human capital strategies.” In an industry that is consistently changing to keep up with advancements, talent acquisition is the best strategy to remain ahead of the curve.  As explained by Deloitte, the diversity of the 21st-century workforce provides a rich variety of skills and ideas, and the growing population is producing the most multi-generational workforce in history.  On a global scale, this means more employees and new ideas across the board.

It’s undeniable that technology is becoming a part of every industry. Because of this, IT professionals are becoming even more valuable. While the tech industry broadens to reach other markets, it’s the acquisition of creative, talented employees that will drive innovation.


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