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Manufacturers Are Outsourcing Services: What Does This Mean?

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There are some big changes happening when it comes to maintenance. Manufacturers are moving away from servicing their own customers. Instead they are subcontracting onsite support – on the manufacturers’ own products – to third parties.

This shift isn’t a surprise. Maintenance isn’t an easy business to be in. We should know. We’ve been a successful independent supporter of IT maintenance for our customers for 30+ years. We’ve grown into a global company with over 100 service centers and 800+ badged Field Engineers (with less than 5% contracted labor). “Independent” has always been an important part of who we are. It means our boss is the customer, not the manufacturer, not partnership margins.


For us, delivering the best service means we use our people, our parts, and our process for our customers. In fact, Curvature is recognized as the global top performer for independent third-party maintenance and support for server, storage, and networking on brands like Cisco, IBM, HPE, Dell EMC, and many others. Our maintenance provides comprehensive break/fix support with consistent results retaining agility to meet the ever-changing needs of our customers.

We’re happy to hear that manufacturers want other companies to take on maintenance. We just think it should be with a company that is truly a customer partner. We’ve created a proprietary tool for our customers to help them as they consider moving from manufacturer support to partnering with an independent provider. It’s called ClearViewSM.

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