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Moving up the Value Chain with Continued Investment in Professional Services

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Since its earliest days, Curvature has always been about ensuring that our customers attain the best business value for their IT expenditures. In the ‘90s this meant growing our hardware procurement business into the industry-leader, landing Curvature on Inc. magazine’s first-ever list of America’s 5,000 fastest growing companies in 2007.

Largest Third Party Maintenance Provider

The following year, to keep pace with increased demand for more economical IT support options, Curvature launched NetSure®, our Third Party Maintenance (TPM) offering for network switches, routers, wireless and security devices. Over the years, we’ve broadened our independent, multi-vendor maintenance to provide complete support for networks, compute and storage environments—all under one contract while expanding our professional services to meet our customers’ operational demands.

Today, Curvature is by far the largest independent TPM provider in the world, with offices in 12 countries and more than 100 staffed service centers. More than 15,000 organizations worldwide, including large enterprises, technology companies and telecommunications service providers, continue to benefit from increased business value in the delivery of global, 24/7 technical support, advanced hardware replacement and complete lifecycle management of their network and data center equipment.

Multivendor Support and Professional Services

Providing the best in a broadening portfolio of professional services also has always been in Curvature’s DNA. And our customers aren’t the only ones appreciating our growth trajectory and increased focus on the needs of customers’ IT asset lifecycle needs. In a new IDC market note, entitled “Curvature Reaches up the Value Stack with Professional Services,”1 analysts Leslie Rosenberg, Rob Brothers and Chris Barnard trace Curvature’s investment in high-value professional services to help serve the more complex IT needs of customers across the full asset lifecycle.

According to IDC, “Curvature has the opportunity to leverage knowledge gleaned from its expertise in multivendor support to provide insight into professional services engagement.” 2 For starters, IDC sees investment in IT discovery and assessment capabilities as the “tip of the spear” for more high-value engagements.3

Vendor Neutral

We feel every organization deserves vendor-neutral approaches and best-practices processes from beginning to end, ranging from planning and implementation to operating and refreshing networks and data centers. As IDC notes, our expansion into IT asset discovery, assessments, design, configuration, health checks, relocations and migrations align with our existing portfolio of maintenance services while reinforcing our role as trusted partners with our customers.

IDC also states that our internally developed toolset enhances insight and the speed of delivery of physical devices and applications. Vendor-agnostic services across server, storage, networking and applications can help customers understand and act upon their environments more intelligently and with less risk and cost.4

Smart Tools Support

As any craftsperson knows, to do the job correctly, you need the right tools. For example, to help our customers gain an unbiased view into the risks associated with TPM, we have created a specialized tool called ClearView. This permits us to perform infrastructure optimization assessments that include auto-discovery and lifecycle evaluations focused on cost savings (e.g., TPM) and risk identification (e.g., patching levels and unsupported operating systems, etc.). After performing a proprietary analysis of assets, ClearView helps guide the development of a strategy roadmap that takes advantage of where TPM best can provide the most value.

Our customer-centric focus has been central to Curvature’s DNA since inception. Our overarching goal always has been to be in lockstep with our customers’ ongoing needs to plan, implement, operate and refresh their data centers and networks. Putting this expertise to good use enables us to leverage our technical expertise to support organizations as they enable cloud, transform their data centers or optimize existing IT infrastructure.

“Curvature is making investments in its portfolio, people, and tools to move into the high-value professional services space,” said Leslie Rosenberg, research vice president, Network Life Cycle and Infrastructure Services at IDC. “The company has the opportunity to leverage its install base and increase its presence in this competitive market.” 5

Again, it remains being all about—as it’s always been—delivering the best value for our customers.

Read the full IDC Market Note, “Curvature Reaches Up the Value Stack with Professional Services” by filling out the form, below.

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4 As much as Curvature has always been about providing value, we’re equally enthusiastic about providing our customers with options. We feel every organization deserves these two avenues when devising and deploying vendor-neutral approaches to business-critical practices, such as extending IT asset lifecycles, maintaining uptime globally and moving to the cloud
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