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Optimize your Storage Environment with Hybrid Cloud

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Most I&O leaders are inclined to extend their data infrastructure to the public cloud; this will help them improve total cost of ownership (TCO), agility and scalability of on-premises storage.

However, in case of enterprises, due to the lack of useful ways of tying them together, usages of both on-premises and public cloud storage have been in isolation of each other. Besides this, there have been numerous challenges such as the existence of hidden costs, difficulty of hybrid cloud storage of large datasets due to the limited network bandwidth between enterprise data centers and infrastructure solutions providers, and the lack of bidirectional synchronization capabilities for many vendors.

This thorough report by Gartner presents I&O leaders with five different approaches to leverage hybrid cloud storage, and offers clarification and direction on which one would suit their needs by carefully laying out use cases, their benefits and limitations, as well as comparisons.

A quick glance at what this report covers:

  Different Hybrid Storage Approaches and their Impact
  Benefits, Limitation and Common Use Cases of Each Approach
  Best Practices for Hybrid Cloud Storage Implementations

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Gartner, Top Five Approaches to Hybrid Cloud Storage — An Analysis of Use Cases, Benefits and Limitations, Refreshed 9 July 2019, Published 9 January 2018, Julia Palmer, Arun Chandrasekaran, Raj Bala.
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