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Webinar Teaches How Women Can Succeed In IT

Study after study shows that diversity in leadership benefits not only employees but businesses’ bottom lines. Diversity helps build the best businesses for everyone. But the path to getting there isn’t always a clear one.

In 2017 Harvey Nash KPMG published a survey. One of the things they looked at was the number of women in senior IT leadership roles. In particular, they were looking for companies that had women in the role of CIO or VP of Technology. The survey found that only 8-11% of these roles are held by women in small to mid-size organizations and that the growth of women in leadership roles appears to have stalled.

There are many theories for why this is happening and what more can be done. But we thought one interesting take would be to ask one of these women, directly, about her experience as a leader. Who are these women in that 8-11% and how did they get there? What type of choices did they make along the way and what advice would they give to others looking to succeed in the IT industry?

Luckily we didn’t have to look too far to talk to find a female CIO we could ask. Curvature’s own CIO, Elizabeth Austin partnered with BrightTalk to be a part of their “Women In Tech” series. In this webinar Austin shares how she has not only ascended to and thrived in a male-dominated role, but also how technology was not her original goal.

What does the path to a successful career in technology look like? We invite you to listen to the full webinar “The Adventures of an Accidental Technologist” to find out.

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