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What’s in a Name? Illustrating our Past and Communicating our Future

This week you’ve been introduced to Curvature, the new name and associated message we’ve chosen to represent the evolution of our company. After reflecting on the name change, I’m sure many of you have questions. Why and how does a company rebrand? The brand development that brought us from Network Hardware Resale to Curvature is a complicated story that involves much more than changing logos or picking paint swatches.

Descriptive names can be extremely informative, but unfortunately they can also be limiting. Network Hardware Resale was a great name and served us well for many years. However, as our business matured, our products and solutions continued to evolve in direct response to the ever-changing technical and business requirements of our customers.  We needed a name that exemplified these current offerings—a name that would grow with us for the next decade and beyond.

The first step in renaming a company is to truly discover who you are.  This is determined by a deep dive into the attributes of your employees, the sentiments of your customers, and the perceptions that your prospects may have.  This vital information allowed us to create both a brand and a message that married our beliefs with the expectations of our customers into our brand promise: “A game-changing approach to IT.”

So how did NHR pick Curvature? The process is more difficult than you’d expect. Between trademark registrations and URL’s, it’s nearly impossible to claim a name without having to invent a word. It was a complex project that required a group of individuals dedicated to finding a name that mirrored our passion.  Our agency started with tens of thousands of names originally, and from that group, we brought it down to a handful of potential names. At some point, Curvature simply chose us as much as we selected it.  Our new brand and messaging is all about equipping our customers with alternatives, choices, and solutions that allow them to take back control of their IT infrastructure and manage their network in a manner that makes sense to them—not their OEM. We are asking businesses to change the way they approach their IT management, just as we have continually changed our business over the years.

Curvature, by definition, is a measurement of change. We could not have found a better name!

Once we chose our new name, more people became involved, and all the fun began! We had to bring the name to life by creating a visual identity.  Our creation was driven by tactical activities like establishing a trademark, acquiring URL’s, changing virtually every document in our company, developing a new website, painting buildings etc. Employees were retrained, and the company was united globally with a force of enthusiasm. Marketing and sales representatives from Santa Barbara headquarters flew to our locations around the world to guarantee that Curvature’s creative presence was felt globally.  We created an image that manifests our vision, shows our already well-established progress as a company, and reflects our potential.

Curvature is a measure of change. It is breaking away from the main road. It is defying the ordinary and pioneering a new path.

Our products and services will continue to evolve. Our name change is the first chapter of a story that is yet to be written. I’m thrilled that you will all be involved in contributing to the Curvature story.

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