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Why Choose Curvature for IBM pSeries & iSeries Support?

Have you considered all the ways you can further the investment you’ve already made in your IBM Power environment? As an independent support provider, we offer several solutions to help you get the most out of your IBM pSeries and/or iSeries (AS/400) investment and keep you off the manufacturer refresh treadmill.

As an independent and completely manufacturer-neutral company, Curvature provides alternatives that focus on your needs – really striving to create more freedoms that permit control of your budgets and tech refreshes that align more closely to your schedules than the manufacturer’s strategies.

IBM Power systems have been the workhorses in data centers for years and will continue to be the driving force in big data and cognitive computing going well into the future. The Power platform will continue to be a key competitor to x86 alternatives in the data center. And we believe the future is bright for the Power platform.

Here at Curvature, we strive to mirror the manufacturer’s support and also go a step further in meeting our clients’ unique needs.

Whether you are running older RS6000/POWER4s, an AS/400 or newer POWER7s, we have the in-house expertise, knowledge, and experience to provide you with outstanding service from our own full-time employees. Our engineers have numerous years of experience on the IBM Power platform and many of them came directly from the manufacturer. Other engineers have worked for VARs, partners, and assorted independent support providers.

What does our IBM pSeries & iSeries (AS400) support program look like?

  • Independent support at a lesser price across North America, Asia, and Europe
  • Post-warranty guidance to reduce OpEx while extending pSeries & iSeries (AS/400) lifecycles and maximizing leverage during any future Power tech refreshes
  • Customized service levels, simplified incident origination and tracking
  • Call-home technology
  • Extensive inventories of critical back-up parts stored locally and numerous parts depots
  • Currently supporting RS6000/POWER4s, AS/400s, POWER5s, POWER6s and POWER7s
  • IBM Power support training for our field engineers at our training lab – with fully operating pSeries & iSeries (AS/400) systems

When IBM pSeries & iSeries (AS/400) maintenance costs can be reduced 50-70% from the manufacturer’s price, why wouldn’t you ask Gartner or IDC who they recommend for IBM third-party maintenance and support?

Beyond third-party maintenance of IBM pSeries & iSeries (AS/400), Curvature can also provide the following services to help free you from the manufacturer’s cost structures:

  • Pre-owned IBM pSeries & iSeries hardware – whole systems and parts, including leasing options
  • Bundled n-1 or n-2 hardware with maintenance support agreements
  • Software support options for AIX & OS400
  • Clearview (firmware risk assessment of your environment)
  • On-demand dispatch of technical pSeries or iSeries expertise at branch offices or remote offices
  • IBM pSeries & iSeries ITAD – including repurposing and recycling
  • Meticulous systems assurance for onboarding new IBM Power clients

We make the transition from IBM to Curvature seamless. We have developed our own call-home technology called Remote Enterprise Monitoring (REM) that allows the client’s Hardware Management Console to report incidents to our contact center. Our call-home details provide all critical information – including field replacement units (FRUs), error codes, and predictive or likely subsequent failure considerations. This detail is paramount to field engineer preparation and success onsite.

If you are interested in saving on hardware maintenance costs or reducing software fees, Curvature’s Product Management team can be a great resource. Contact your account rep with any inquiries, or reach out at the Contact Us page and we can introduce you to the pSeries or iSeries professionals who most closely match your specific areas of interest.

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