NHR to Showcase Lower-Cost Infrastructure Solutions for Carriers
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Network Hardware Resale to Showcase Lower-Cost Infrastructure Solutions for Carriers at TelecomNEXT

Santa Barbara, Calif, March 21, 2006 — Network Hardware Resale (NHR) announced today that it will exhibit at TelecomNEXT and showcase strategies to help communication service providers reduce costs on basic network infrastructure. With fierce competition among providers for superior network technology, reducing networking equipment costs allow carriers to focus capital on critical new deployments, such as fiber optics and Internet Protocol (IP) network-based technologies. NHR will provide more information at its booth, number 2430.

“Manufacturers are continually releasing new versions of their routing and switching technologies, but those innovations are not always relevant or practical for all users,” explained Rick Stevens, vice president of marketing at Network Hardware Resale. “Many companies find that they can meet their technology requirements at a significantly lower cost by purchasing pre-owned networking equipment that delivers the speed and level of performance needed.”

NHR estimates that a large telecommunications provider that reduced its network hardware costs by 75% could save $2 million to $5 million annually that could be redirected into mission-critical technologies such as expanding fiber optic deployments, shifting to IP network technologies, or transitioning to next-generation wireless voice and data service.

NHR sells pre-owned networking equipment from leading manufacturers including Cisco, Juniper and Extreme at 50 to 95 percent below list price. With more than $100 million in inventory, the company can provide almost any Cisco product to its customer within 3 days and many popular products are available for overnight delivery.

Press and Analyst Meetings

NHR executives will attend TelecomNEXT 2006 can be available to speak with industry analysts and members of the press. Those interested in scheduling a briefing with NHR should contact Sarah Beene at 805-690-3701.

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