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Contract Renewals

It’s a great time to look at your server, storage and networking assets and plan ahead.

Is your enterprises’ 2019 infrastructure maintenance strategy ready? Is it time to renew your existing assets under contract? New assets, existing assets, let Curvature help organize your IT maintenance calendar. Our experts can assist with:

  • Reviewing Current Contracts
  • Providing Insight and Clarity for Manufacturer Maintenance Support
  • Uncovering Asset Movement for Independent Maintenance Contracts
  • Ensuring Your Maintenance and Support Contracts Are Fully Utilized and Enabled

Your Hardware Refresh

We’re focused on providing your business with transparency. Our proprietary ClearView™ tool enables us to identify opportunities for cost savings without sacrificing service levels. With objective and verifiable criteria backing it, ClearView can help identify devices that no longer benefit from manufacturer support and would benefit you to switch to independent support. Determine quickly and easily which devices can move safely to an independent backing and which items should remain under manufacturer oversight. This hybrid strategy balances risk and quantifiable savings to help you make an informed decision about your hardware.

When it comes to your data center, surprises aren’t welcome. Maintain uninterrupted service by starting on a renewal process today.

To streamline the contract renewal process, email your current Curvature Account Manager.

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