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Assessment Case Study

Global Financial Technology Solutions Provider


A Fortune 500 company with annual revenues of $9.4B and global employees that exceed 50K in 130 countries. They are one of the largest technology provider to financial institutions. They faced an aggressive timeline to complete nine data center audits in five states.


  • 34K assets to be audited in nine locations in five different states
    • Audits needed to be performed simultaneously
    • Audits to be completed without prior knowledge from data center managers
  • Complete secrecy needed until audits were underway
  • Audits needed to be completed in one week
  • Communication was exclusively with customer’s executive team
  • Speed and accuracy critical
  • Audits to be performed during operating hours

Solution Provided

  • Assigned Project Manager to oversee all data centers
    • Formed nine teams, one for each data center
    • Provided an on-site lead to monitor the teams
    • Customized templates for data collection
  • Set up daily communications with executive team to relay progress updates
  • Assisted customer with updating CMDB to satisfy federal auditors
  • Instated tested and proven methodologies
  • Completed audits in five days

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