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When White Box Servers Make Sense

When White Box Servers Make Sense

Growth in public cloud adoption isn’t slowing down. As the face of the data center changes and enterprises seek out cost-effective solutions, Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) hardware is transitioned out for less expensive white box and original design...

DKI Group Case Study

DKI Group Partners with Curvature to Upgrade Critical IT Infrastructure While Ensuring Stability to Better Address Rapid Business Growth The roots of Denmark-based DKI Group began in 1989 when Ole Falengreen Nielsen created a trading company to supply all types of...
10 Things You May Not Know About Servers & Storage

10 Things You May Not Know About Servers & Storage

From a component level, servers may not vary much as you think from generation to generation.  Typically processors and memory are the only core components that change within a server and it’s typically a small change that may not impact your existing...
What’s Selling and Why?

What’s Selling and Why?

As the Product Line Director for servers, storage and networking at Curvature, I keep a close eye on what hardware is selling, what’s not, and why.  With over 15,000 active product sku’s and 10,000 customers worldwide, it’s important that we maintain an accurate...

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