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Case Studies

Migration Case Study

Fortune 50 Healthcare Organization


  • National healthcare services company with annual revenues over $100B
  • Merger of two equal-sized corporations created an eight data center environment
  • Large complex environment built through acquisitions
  • 7,000+ servers and over 10PB of storage, across numerous manufacturer platforms


  • Support ticket logging – break/fix maintenance vs. professional services segregation
  • Global customer coordination and cooperation
  • Global data center support approach and strategy
  • Global invoicing
  • Short time frames and urgency in filling resource requirements in added locations

Solution Provided

  • Centralized project management and personnel oversight
  • Detailed resource planning based on requirements
  • Customized technical support in each data center around the globe – local office engineers leveraged
  • Single invoice provided – site costs itemized
  • Curvature Field Engineers familiar with data center facilities and hardware platforms from existing support, including badge access to data centers
  • ServiceNow configured to automatically e-mail ticket/incident data directly to singlePoint®
  • Quoting, reporting and order processing from same source
  • Customer satisfaction

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