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singlePoint is Curvature’s suite of applications that enables you to manage your assets with Curvature and create tickets.

singlePoint Portal

Use singlePoint to:

Open a Maintenance ticket
Open a Warranty ticket
Review your current contract
Search tickets that were created in singlePoint
View asset information


Contact us to Report an Incident:

singlePoint Portal
1 877 405 0330 (US)
00 800 1113 0888 (International)

Note: If your incident is a Priority 1 (system down), please call us to open the ticket instead of using QuickTicket or our portal.

Ticket Process:

When you call, email, or open a ticket with our Service Desk, an Agent will:

  1. Record details necessary to start a service incident and provide a unique ticket number, which will remain with the call until completion
  2. Assign an engineer to triage with the designated Point of Contact recorded on the ticket
  3. Coordinate parts and/or labor arrival
  4. Remain available to facilitate communications, including escalations as needed
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