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Case Studies

Network Maintenance


Senior Procurement Manager and Senior IT Leaders
at a financial global commodities services firm


Company needed support for network devices being decommissioned following a data center migration due to a corporate merger. The OEM agreements were about to expire and their TPM agreement was coming up for renewal shortly after. The customer was facing challenging timelines and a strain on resources to manage the transition.

Customer Need

As the agreements expired, the customer needed one service agreement for all devices with flexible terms, while maintaining key levels of support. This would eliminate management of staggered maintenance end dates and permit flexibility to adjust as needed through data center mergers. Additionally, they needed confidence to work within available budgets and staff resources to recontract hundreds of devices still in use until the data centers were fully merged.

Curvature Solution

Curvature quoted the existing devices for a maintenance renewal and the new Cisco devices for 6 and 12 months, which synchronized contract end dates, and the dedicated account team managed the transition of devices to new coverage.


Customer achieved financial, service and support goals by merging all or their devices onto one maintenance agreement, with the same end date and saved $130K.


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