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Network Hardware Resale Maintains TL 9000 and ISO 9001:2000 Certifications

Rigorous Procurement, Testing & Refurbishment Practices Benefit Customers, Industry and Law Enforcement

Santa Barbara, Calif. ─ August 27, 2009 ─ Network Hardware Resale (NHR), the leading provider of pre-owned and new networking equipment, today announced it has completed surveillance audits to maintain ISO 9001:2000 and TL 9000 certifications. The results demonstrate the company’s continued commitment to achieving the highest levels of quality for its equipment procurement and refurbishment services.

After successfully passing a series of rigorous quality tests, NHR maintained TL 9000 and ISO 9001:2000 certifications for its North America locations. The company is certified in the TL “7.6.1 service provider” category, which includes only 18 organizations worldwide. Within this elite designation, NHR is one of only seven companies globally with network equipment sales capabilities.

“Quality control is a priority throughout every facet of NHR’s operations,” said Bryan Siever, vice president of global operations for NHR. “We’re proud to be recognized for our achievements as well as our ability to set the bar for quality in the secondary market. By receiving these coveted certifications, we reinforce our commitment to continuous improvements and business best practices.”

To qualify for the rigorous TL 9000 re-certification, NHR provided full documentation of its quality control procedures and detailed metrics. During its most recent TL 9000 audit, NHR achieved an accuracy rate of 99.6 percent on nearly 200,000 units shipped over a month. Additionally, the company demonstrated a remarkably low technical failure rate for equipment in the field of approximately 0.7 percent. NHR also leverages a state-of-the-art Spirent TestCenter for comprehensive product evaluations, including full-load testing to simulate deployed environments.

Both of the prestigious re-certifications are bestowed by the international quality certification firm NSF-ISR. The governing bodies for the certifications are the International Standards Organization and the Quality of Excellence for Suppliers of Telecommunications (QuEST) Forum, respectively.

In addition to its customers, others including law enforcement agencies, are benefiting from NHR’s best-of-class business practices. The REACT Task Force, for example, has worked repeatedly with NHR over the years to fight the trafficking of stolen networking gear. According to Butch Miller, acting detective sergeant with the REACT Task Force, NHR’s sophisticated inventory tracking technology has proven instrumental in facilitating the identification and location of stolen equipment. “NHR has aided us during many criminal investigations through information sharing, recovery of stolen property and identification of perpetrators,” he explains. ”REACT is grateful to NHR for its attention to detail, top-notch internal procedures and ongoing commitment to fighting crime in the technology markets.”

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