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RGS90 Case Study

RGS90 Chooses Curvature Amid Tight Competition to Provide New IT Infrastructure and Services

RGS90 A/S, a Copenhagen-based environmental consulting and waste management firm, was faced with an immediate and potentially daunting IT challenge: The need to establish its own IT organization and back-office infrastructure. The operational tasks previously were handled as part of a group IT function, but the organization now was empowered to build a new, highly flexible yet powerful IT platform to keep pace with ever-increasing business needs.

According to Lars Peter Lundstrøm, CIO Of RGS90, an in-depth review of different technologies and service providers was needed to ensure the company was positioned to deploy the best hardware backed by world-class service and support. ‟Our IT platform needed to be built from scratch,” he explains. ‟Our goal was to establish the most professional back-office solution with a competent and flexible partner at a competitive price.”

As expected, an initial review of the competitive landscape produced a long list of vendors eager to seize the opportunity. But unlike many of the companies vying for the deal, Curvature already had a proven track record of success with the company. In fact, the global provider of networking and data center services and solutions had previously overseen the management of RGS90’s group IT solution. Still, the company decided to put each competing solution through a careful evaluation before selecting the ultimate winner.

‟We wanted to create a new model and some might ask if we didn’t choose another vendor, how could we do that?” adds Lundstrøm. ‟I wasn’t part of the past, so I entered the job with open eyes to find the best possible vendor.” To assist with the evaluation process, Curvature was asked to bid on the back-office infrastructure alongside all the other competitors. After a thorough review and analysis of the candidates, Curvature emerged victorious, thanks in part to its time-tested and field-proven experience, which enabled the company to provide the best overall plan at a highly competitive price.

‟Curvature understood our new strategy better than the others,” says Lundstrøm. ‟Their offer was indeed competitive and the suggestion of deploying professional sparing made a huge difference in our ultimate decision. That’s why we chose to engage with Curvature.”

The initial implementation—providing core infrastructure services—was completed one month ahead of schedule. During that time, Curvature also demonstrated how its vast portfolio of IT technology services and consulting delivered major benefits to other organizations around the world. Not only did this bolster RGS90’s confidence in its initial decision, it helped expand the trusted partnership to include 24/7 live service desk, backup services, relocation management, co-location management and security services.

The scope of services provided by Curvature continues to grow in keeping pace with RGS90’s thriving business. ‟Even though we needed to build from scratch, Curvature handled everything professionally,” concludes Lundstrøm. ‟Our relationship has gone above our expectations. At RSG90, we can say without hesitation that we recommend Curvature as a trustworthy and competent IT partner.”

Curvature’s Solutions for RGS90 include:

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